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Getting Started

The first step to seeing whether you or your child need orthodontic treatment is to call and set up a New Patient Exam.  During this complimentary appointment, we will assess your teeth, bite and concerns.  Then we will discuss the different options that can help you achieve your orthodontic goal!

The second step is to take orthodontic records.  This is where we will take a series of photos, radiographs and molds of your teeth. 

The photographs allow us to see if there are any asymmetries in the facial structures and profile. 

The two radiographs: 1. Panoramic radiograph is a 2-D image that captures the entire mouth in a single image. 2. Cephalometric radiograph is a 2-D image that captures the profile of ones head and allows orthodontists to make a more diagnostic treatment plan.

Instead of taking impressions of teeth, our office offers the latest in technology with iTero ®

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