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The first few days:

Stick with softer foods such as

  1. Pancakes

  2. Scrambled eggs

  3. Yogurt

  4. Smoothies

  5. Ice cream

  6. Soup

  7. Pasta

  8. Ground meat, etc... 

Helpful Tips

When eating certain foods

  1. Apples - peel and cut into thin slices

  2. Corn on the cob - cut the corn off the cob

  3. Meat on the bone - cut the meat off the bone

  4. Bagels - not toasted and rip into small pieces vs. biting into the bagel

  5. Pizza - avoid eating the crust

Foods to Avoid

Hard, sticky, chewy such as

  1. Sticky, chewy candy (twizzlers, tootsie rolls, swedish fish, starburts, snickers, caramel, lollipops, chewing gum)

  2. Hard foods (apples, corn on the cob, pretzels, bagels, italian rolls, frozen candy, carrot sticks, chips, tacos, candy, mints)

What can I eat? 

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